Hi Everyone

Hi everyone,
My name is Ellen, I’m new to this forum (although I’ve been a member of Carers UK for a while) I’m 59 and a full time Carer for my disabled daughter, she has Semantic Pragmatic Disorder, a lot of people have never heard of it, but basically she has severe communication disabilities, severe learning disabilities, she cannot look after herself, cannot go out alone and cannot travel alone.
I join in with the care for a Cuppa zoom chats on Mondays, I don’t always speak on them, unless I’m prompted, so to speak, which I don’t mind.
I’m not sure what to say except maybe (before Covid), I tried to take my daughter all over the place, the theatre, the cinema, on day trips/holidays.
Now we don’t go out at all, except for a short walk, when the weather permits, just to get a bit of fresh air and exercise, plus we wear our masks, my daughter is too frightened to go out without one.
I know we’re not alone in this situation.
It would be nice to make some new friends on here, like I feel I have on the Care for a Cuppa zoom chats, we may only be strangers on those, but I do feel like we are all also friends.
Take care everyone and stay safe x

Hi Ellen my son was brain damaged at birth, is part 3year old, part 41 year old. He now lives in his own flat with carer support, coming home regularly except during Lockdown. It’s been a difficult year, so many things we usually do haven’t happened this year.

Hi Ellen,

welcome to the forum.

I look after S who has autism and related a learning disability. He uses an electronic communication aid to talk. He can’t go out on his own and needs lots of reassurance.

I feel like I know quite a few people on the forum and some are definitely my cyber friends. I also meet up with Pet66 sometimes too.

Roll Call in the Members section is like a chat over the garden fence, feel free to join in, (although we all have less to talk about at the moment with the current restrictions on daily life.)