New to forum

I would like to introduce myself on the forum. I currently use zoom for care for a cuppa etc. but I never knew this existed.

My name is Sharon, but i prefer to be called Shaz. I currently care for my partner (husband to be hopefully April 2022 if covid let’s us have this 3rd date) as he has physical disabilities due to having scoliosis and osteoarthritis in his lumbar spine. He suffers with COPD and Asthma and has chronic Eczema. I help him on a day to day basis even down to paperwork and phone calls due to his breathing. I am a younger carer of my 30s so do feel isolated at times.

I do suffer with some conditions myself which I manage well but do have a lot of anxiety which can be hard at times when you are alone and especially nowadays when we’ve been in lockdown for a whole year. I can’t wait till groups start opening up and meeting people in person. :slight_smile:

Hi Shaz and welcome

Glad you’ve found our Care for a Cuppa sessions and are enjoying them. We also host Share and Learn sessions on a variety of topics, everything from benefits advice to Latin dancing!

Have a look at what’s coming up, there may be something you’d like to join:

Best wishes