Hi all - breif introduction

Hi all, I’m Tom. I’ve always been a carer to my mum who has severe and complex mental health and substance use issues. I always did this job as a child without even realising I was a “carer” as such. My mum is now in her late 60’s and thankfully is largely free from her ilnesses and is relatively healthy so I don’t need to take too much responsibility for her care needs.

Tables turn, I suffered a skull fracture and have seperatley since been diagnosed PTSD and severe depression. I’m 35. I now have a friend who is a carer for me who does not fall within the criteria for number of hours caring (despite me recieving PIP) but helps me so much.

Well… there’s a breif intro to me, this website was in fact the place where I could get the most concise figures regarding Universal Credit and the carers component etc. Still not fully understood, but we’re getting there.

Thanks for a great service!

Hi Tom, welcome to the forum.

Can you tell us a bit more about what you need help with?
Does your friend live with you?
How long does your friend spend with you?
Do you ever need your friend when something unexpected happens, so he has to be available?
DWP don’t always explain the rules well. I had a long fight to get CA when my son was in boarding school.

When you say number of hours. How are you calculating them. Hours can include a carer calling you from the home. Providing you with emotional support. Proving assistance with shopping appointments etc.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply, we’ve also considered this and if/when I am moved from legacy to UC we will potentially calculate this depeding on the circumstances at the time (emotional support calls, reminders etc.) and apply for the carers element.

The Carers UK helpline gave me details of a judgement which was relevant.
Maybe ask them to send it to you too?

I’ve just seen your other post, about moving out of mum’s and into your own place. If you need a carer, will you be applying for a two bed place?
It’s going to be a really eventful year for you, I do hope it works out, despite the virus issues.