Hi All
My name is Vic and I care for my mum who is 89 and has Vascular Dementia, Heart Failure, Arthritis and Kidney problems. Personal circumstances prompted a return with my son to the UK in 2017, though I knew mum was getting frail and needed more help around the house, etc. I was not expecting the light to go out so quickly just a few short months later.
Anyway the upshot was mum’s health deteriorated to a point where we got her to hospital just in time and eventually led to her dementia diagnosis. I finally got my carers assessment around September last year.
My biggest frustrations with looking after Mum are the care services and the loss of social activity.
Anyway I hope to be able to contribute in some small way to Carers UK.
Nice to meet you all
Peace and Love


Nice to meet you Vic. It is hard when they decline fast. Mum was diagnosed with dementia nearly 2 years ago now, but thankfully has been pretty stable. Do you get any help with her care?

CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare ?

Always a service that may apply in situations like the one so described !

In short , if you don’t ask , you don’t get … even a NO !

Hi Vic, welcome to the forum.

I’m glad you managed to get Carers Allowance. How old are you? It will cease when you receive your pension I’m afraid.

Be sure to follow the links Chris has given you, because you do DOT have to care for mum every moment of the day. It’s vital that you get out and about regularly, for your own mental and physical needs.

If mum needs medical equipment, it’s usually available free. Ask us about anything at all you need to know, there are lots of people here who have been down the same road.

Do you have Power of Attorney?

Thanks for the replies.
Chris. The links you sent made very interesting reading, particularly with discharge and Continuing care. I confess I have read through them quickly so far, but I see some areas that will be helpful.
My quick read through the discharge notes proved what I suspected of the hospital my Mum was in. Despite repeated requests I did not get to see the hospital’s discharge policy. Both the ward and PALS made it like I was asking to borrow the crown jewels. Exactly!! Wasn’t gonna happen!!! Or maybe this hospital’s discharge policy is to have no discharge policy.
I did find out about Continuing health care and thought my mum was entitled. When I asked about it, Mum’s GP said he didn’t know anything about this.
I shall be reading through these articles with more relish later on.
Thanks again, guys

Peace and Love

Your welcome.

Have a glass of the strong stuff handy … it helps with most of what’s in that thread.

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Don’t miss out because the GP is ignorant. Write to your local CCCG (Clinical Care Commissioning Group), send it reecorded delivery, so they can’t deny receiving it, and make a formal URGENT request for a Continuing Healthcare Assessment, because the hospital failed to do it too.
(One of the unofficial roles of the forum is to make sure all social and healthcare professionals know what they are supposed to be doing!)

Don’t worry Chris, I wont shoot you and a little single malt does go down well at times, that’s for sure!!!
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