Hi again

I’ve been off here for a while and my situation has changed a lot since i was last here unfortunately its why i’m back.

So my name is Abi i’m now 18 and in my final year of college studying music. I’m still dyslexic as well as autistic. I’m still a mental health carer but sadly thats where the similar things stop.

My mum who i carer for has got a low worse recently and I have become socially quite isolated :frowning: I don’t like it. My mum has got worse with being on oral medication which i have to give her i’m at breaking point. My local carers centre have been really helpful setting me goals to try and reach to help the isolation to see if it helps be be less isolated. Its why i’m back I miss talking to like minded people regularly and I miss being on forums as well since I got suspended from my job.

I still don’t know how to use this site so bare with me a bit. Any contact with anyone will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Abi, sorry to hear mum is so poorly. Are you getting any support from Social Services so you can escape with your friends now and then? A lot for you to deal with when you are so young.

I had my carers assessment recently and they have given me some funding to escape and go out for the day but I haven’t used it yet as I have been really busy, going out in January hopefully.

I would love an overnighter or even just berry myself in my room for a few hours to sleep!