Hi I'm a newbie as such

Hi all, hope you’re all ok.

It’s been a very long time since I posted …
My son has adhd odd dyslexia anxiety as well as learning difficulties he is 19 and medicated.
I also look after my mum who is 80 and last week broke her leg in 4 places bless her.
I also have bipolar borderline personality disorder and a life long history of self harm and suicide attempts.
I feel awful saying this but I feel trapped and cant cope much longer, I love my mum as well as my son dearly but I feel like I’m suffocating.
Sorry for long txt and thank you for me offloading.

Can you afford a care home or not? Have you requested a needs assessment? This is a good idea as it will help you figure out what you want in terms of her care etc. Benefits, does she qualify for ESA/PIP?

Hi Kim, So sorry to hear your situation. Was your mum coping before she broke her leg? Was mum living independently before the broken leg?
I assume mum is now in hospital and you’re visiting her regularly as well as looking after your son and you’re finding it too much, which is perfectly understandable. If mum is in hospitable then cut down the amount of times you’re visiting her. She is being looked after in hospital, so try not to worry about her.
Does your son go anywhere in the daytime?

Do you have support for your son? There are care providers for the LD community- perhaps look at that option.

My mum was just getting over having her battery changed in her pacemaker, that was an ordeal as the hospital didn’t care, my mum is extremely independent but relies on me at the moment which saddens her, we filled in a form with regard to attendance allowance but was refused, god knows why as since having her pacemaker has needed me to shower her, go shopping for her and sit with her as a friend. She examined to her dr about her dizzy turns and he did nothing and then she falls and breaks her ankle and foot in 4 places, shes now on her 3rd hospital in 10 days, it’s all very cruel.
My son is supported by me only he finished a special needs college July this yr, only getting 2 hrs per week tuition, even though this was a special needs college they banned him from the college and all their transport due to anger they now wont support him as they say he couldn’t cope with the main college and just have left him. He wouldn’t cope in supported living but hes my son and I want him at home with me and his little brother.
People say I’m such a strong person fighting for what is right, but sometimes I dont want to be the strong 1 and I’m sick of fighting.
Sorry not very positive today but thanx for listening.