Help with work and my own mental health

Hi there, I’m new to this group. I’m wondering if anyone can help me.

I’ve had problems with my mental health for a number of years - bereavements (3in short space of time), multiple pregnancy losses, my son has special needs (autism and likely PDA), can be violent and has been suicidal and is now home Ed because we can’t find suitable school place), my husband had a breakdown and we’ve become carers for his mum also.

I’ve asked for temporary adjustments to be extended (removing the on call nature of my job) at work - which they have done since March 2019. It is quite literally just one straw off this camels back. I am still just about coping.

My employer is suggesting that I don’t have a legal right to this adjustment as I am not on medication for my mental health (I’ve declined). And my gp doesn’t have it as a “working diagnosis” on my record - despite having had good portions of time off due to poor mental health and that my ongoing stress is likely to continue.

My question is - do you have to have a working diagnosis on your medical file to be believed? The realities of caring for a child with SEN are real.

My union rep has now suggested only a letter from a consultant in mental health field will help now. My employer has said they may not be able to keep this adjustment after january (I do 2 on calls per month, and work 3 days per week) I’m a midwife.

They have said they may dismiss me in january “if” they cannot support me with this adjustment any longer.

Where do I stand? We cannot afford me to loose my job.

THanks for reading


Hi Nicola.

Specialist employment advice ?

Plenty of legal advisors out there offering their expertise … at a price.

CAB would be my first choice :

Work - Citizens Advice

( Specialist web section on employment rights within the main CAB site. )

As for your own health , MIND … specialists in this field :