Help with trains fares

I have just made a carer’s allowance claim for me to look after my mother who is 89 and very frail
I have been doing this regularly for years but now she needs weekly visits
I live in London and she is in Oxford
Does anyone know if I can get help with train fares?
thanks for any information

What is mum’s financial situation?
Over £23,000 in savings?

not aas much as that

You might be able to get her council to give you a Carers Assessment and then fund the fares, but it’s a long shot I’m afraid.
What support does she already receive from Social Services?

HI Alan, I know that the job centre use to help people with bus fare so you could ask them for some advice. I know that you can get a travel rail car but I am not sure if it covers all trains service in london. best people is contact TFL and they should be able to help or go to your nearest rail station, ask at the information desk. they should help.