Help for Travel Expenses?

While I am trying to get mum moved from Kent to Manchester I am visiting her fortnightly and the costs are considerable. Does anyone know if there is any help with travel expenses that I can access?



Really mum should be paying for these. However, I’m sure from what you have said before, you are spending a fortune on travelling - a really good argument for the LA to address. I would suggest that’s it’s an “unsustainable” level of expenditure, to say nothing of the time it is taking up!

Yes, quite bowling bun,

It really is an unsustainable cost. While I am looking after some of mum’s money I haven’t had any guidance about whether I can use any of it for my travel costs so I don’t.

Hopefully I can get some information about help available on here or I may send the helpline another email about this as a separate issue.

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