WAV adapted vehicles

Hi all

Have been mulling over the idea of a Wheelchair adapted vehicle for my mum who is blind and has dementia

Anyone recommend a company that they have used ?

My problem is deciding which car to go for as mum is blind I don’t want to seat her right back in the boot as she needs reassurance in the car as she gets confused about her surroundings due to her lack of sight

Your looking for something like this? Quick result from “wheelchair next to driver” on google.

Are you not eligible for the motability scheme? I mean you would think if not, they would at least help point you in the direction of a reputable dealer so you aren’t ripped off going the used route…

Best Wishes

Although you are not getting a car from motability. There guide will be very useful…

Hi all

It is going through mobility but with a WAV vehicle ( I believe) you have to go through one of only a handful of companies who adapt the vehicle

I always just thought you pitched up say at your local VW garage and spoke to a mobility advisor

Appears not for a WAV vehicle

Allied mobility, GM coach works, Brotherwood and a few others…just wondered if anyone regularly used a company like that ?

If you phone the companys up they can bring out cars/WAVs for you to try but WAVs are expensive, WAVs take your full allowance plus you need to pay a deposit.
Normally quite expensive for the wheelchair in the front ones.

Also Motability do big shows, you can wonder around see dozens of cars/Wavs etc.

Next big show is at Peterborough Sat 7th September East of England Arena.

Hope that helps.

Cheers London

We actually went to the show which was really helpful and we now have a company coming to demo a vehicle for us next Friday so fingers crossed

All the best - Linda x

Getting a WAV is very complicated. We gave up after a couple of demo’s. Wrong vehicle brought to demo’s. After we gave precise details of what we needed. We asked for an automatic and manuals were brought. My husband hasn’t driven and can’t drive a manual for years. Due to his disability. The demonstrators were quite rude. Even though we gave them my husband powered wheelchair size. They will state that motability want photos of the equipment in the boot of the car. We stated that’s OK but if he can’t test drive the car. Whats the point. Hence asking for an automatic. WAV’S are heavy of the steering. As these vehicles are more of a van than a car. Also, my husband needed a powered ramp and tail gate. Automatic tie downs - which many companies don’t know what they are. We did go out in the two which were brought as passengers. We notice the ramps were very noisy. You are expected to have these cars for five years.

I actually lost the will to live. So we just changed the car with an automatic boot. And move our hoist over. Job done.

Sorry I just realised that the show was on last weekend, so why Motability are still advertising it right on the front page.
They are normally every 3 months, I went to one in Manchester a few years ago and it was really good a lot of cars/wavs to look at.

Mobility forthcoming events ?

Test Drive Days, hosted by Motability

Search available by one’s location.