Proof for disabled road tax

I have now twicw asked the DWP for the letter to be able to get the free road tax, only to receive the breakdown of why I am entitled to free road tax.
Does anyone know if they no longer issue the letter saying I am eligible for free road tax?

Does this help at all?

Thanks for the help
The problem is at the PIP. I am asking for the “Certificate Of Entitlement”, but they just send “Your Statement of Entitlement”.
I have tried phoning the PIP 5 times today, each time ,after pressing, “1,2,3,or 4 if you want this or that”, then a damned robot asking me questions, I was then told I would be put in a queue, only for the connection to be cut. The PIP seem to be in a hell of a mess, when it comes to people wanting to talk to them.
Of course, there is no other way of contacting them, other than by phone.
I had this same carry on 4 years ago

Hi Jody

Sorry not to be much help. As we don’t qualify for free car tax I don’t know the system or how to ‘kick it’ into doing what it should.


I think they just want evidence of the PIP Mobility. I don’t remember having any issues, but that was a while ago now. Maybe someone else can explain more?

Pretty sure the statement of entitlement is the same as the certificate of entitlement. I’d use that as proof of award.

The certificate of entitlement has a serial number, which is unique, which is what the Post Office need to tax a vehicle.
This serial number is not the person’s National Insurance Number.

I’ve not seen one of those in years…for Motability cars it’s automatically sorted nowadays.

I would suggest your ring DVLA at Swansea.

Long ago, before we could tax things online, I had many struggles with taxing our rather large collection of vehicles at the post office.
Lots of them were taxed at a nil rate, but you still had to have a tax disc.
For a while, they were still demanding an MoT certificate for an 100 year old steam roller!!!

this is what the certificate looks like