Help with elderly father

New to forum and looking for some advice.
Bit of background info first
I’m one of 5 siblings but the only one that lives close to my 93 & 91 year old parents, they live independently with help from me and usually manage ok. My dad (93) has heart failure but my mum is reasonably fit.
About 3 weeks ago my dad started feeling rough, very breathless then fell about 4 times over two days, got him to hospital who did some checks and found nothing broken but he was very anaemic so was given blood transfusions and kept him in hospital for 2 weeks. He was discharged on Thursday night as they said he was medically fit and would be ok at home. Obviously he is still a bit weak and unsteady on his feet and I was frightened he was going to fall again so I stayed with my parents on his first night home.
He seems to have regressed in his mental ability since he has come home and seems to be unable to do anything for himself thinking that my mother and I are going to do everything for him, to the point of me cleaning him as he’s soiled himself every morning and wants us to feed and dress him. I live in an area where we have a ‘single point of access’ where we contact them and they come and assess the situation, they have been but only offered advice on his mobility. I’m unsure what I need to help me and my parents, should I think about getting someone in to help with the day to day things ?

Ring Social Services out of hours number, explain what has happened, that there has been an “unsafe discharge” - be sure to use those exact words.
Insist that mum CANNOT look after dad and he needs either readmission to hospital or emergency respite…
Do NOT be coaxed into “can’t you help until Monday” or similar.
This needs sorting immediately, and they are supposed to have a team of carers to deal with this scenario.