Advice About Getting More Help From Family

I haven’t posted much because I have felt I just needed to “get on with it”. I care for my 95 year old father. ( My husband and I are now 70). He is severely sight impaired and increasingly frail and unsteady having had several falls He has lived with us since May when he had a seizure and could no longer live in his own house as he had done with our support. I previously cared for my terminally ill mother who died in 2018 moving in to live with her and my dad for the last two months. My younger sister lives locally and visits once a week to see her father. I would like my husband and I to be able to go out together for a day occasionally. I do not know how to approach my sister without her becoming “hostile” as she did when I needed help with our mother. Any advice would be welcome from others who have been in a similar situation.

Forget about your sister, you will always be disappointed with her. Now I’m sure you realise that dad should have moved into residential care, not in with you. What happens when he falls? Why is he falling? What is the GP doing to help?
How are things financially? Is dad claiming all the benefits he’s entitled to, and contributing fully to the upkeep of the home and his care?

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