Carers Allowance overpayment - I don't understand how?


I’m really hoping for some advice because I’m worried about a situation with Carers Allowance.

I first started receiving it in 2013 while I was a complete stay at home mum/carer but in or around 2017 I no longer qualified because I was working and earning too much. I believe they said I had some sort of underlying claim, meaning I didn’t have to work and wouldn’t be required to apply for jobseekers since I was still caring but I know I stopped receiving any money from them.

In September last year I moved house and switched from the older style benefits to Universal Credit. Still working so still not claiming CA. I’m self employed, so every month I enter my earnings on the UC website and they can vary by a few hundred pounds. Then lockdown happened and my earnings took a huge hit. I still never asked to claim Carers Allowance and there was only a month where my earnings were under £100 per week.

I received a letter back in June saying they have looked again at the facts and evidence used to make their decision and are paying £66 backdated to April 2019. I wish I’d read the letter better at the time but I didn’t even check the amount before shoving it in a draw and it’s only today I’ve pulled it out and properly looked. That’s way too much and I know there is no way I qualify for that much money. It’s gone on paying bills so I have no idea how I’m meant to pay it back and I also don’t understand their reasoning. What evidence? I’ve submitted nothing to them. I did get forms asking for my profit and loss which I’ve had before and ignored because I knew I didn’t qualify and didn’t want to claim but now I know I have to fill them in and as soon as I do, they’re going to ask for repayments. I will phone them shortly and ask whats happened but I’m feeling very nervous. I’m worried I’ve done something wrong or missed something but I don’t know what.

Quite complicated and difficult for people on the forum to answer. As each claimant is in a unique situation.

I can only suggest you make contact with Carers UK helpline and /or Citizens Advice.

There are varies number of threads on repayments/over payments of carers allowance on the forum.

Reading them might be helpful.

Hi Anita, welcome to the forum

Sorry to hear you’re stressed about this, understandably. Once you’ve spoken to the Universal Credit people it might be an idea to contact our advice line and speak to one of our advisors, they’ll be able to explain what you’re entitled to and what your next steps might be. You can contact them here:

0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or by email

Best wishes