Help Required: Carer's allowance - income - self employed


I am fairly new to the world of being a carer as I now care for my 18 month old son in receipt of high rate care DLA.

After attempting to return to my previous demanding role I am making a career change as the demands of caring for my son whilst doing my pre-baby job is too much and he needs more of my time. I am planning to give up my current job, work 12 hours at minimum wage and claim carer’s allowance for a year or so until I am able to find a suitable nursery (which is proving difficult) which will then give me more time to work. At the same time, in the evenings, I am looking to turn a hobby into a (very) small business. I will not need to register as self employed as income before expenses will be less than the £1k trading allowance. The small business is a long term project and due to setup costs, I am looking to break even only in the first year and it may be that it makes a small loss due to set up costs.

I am struggling to work out how setting up the small business could impact on my claim for carer’s allowance and would be grateful for any guidance. For the purposes of a carer’s allowance claim, is it only profit (i.e. after business expenses) which needs to be declared? If there is no profit during the period I claim carer’s allowance for, do I need to include it within the carer’s allowance forms at all?

I am petrified of doing something wrong!

Many thanks

Hi Emma and welcome

Please contact our helpline for guidance, they’ll be able to give you all the information you need regarding Carers Allowance and anything else you may be entitled to.

0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or email

Best wishes