Help! My Mum's Social Worker pressuring me

I’ve been trying to allocate an Independent Social Worker since early this year to assist me providing Advocacy support dealing with my Mum’s situation; proving to be an impossibility. The one’s allocated by the Local Authority are useless, they side with them

My Mum’s new Social Worker with the Local Authority has twice now emailed me insisting on a meeting to ‘update my Mum’s Care Plan’. Now it’s as I lodged concerns with my Mum’s Care Agency - which is being addressed with the Liaison Officer.

I did find one Independent Social Worker who agreed to come out just before this current Lockdown situation, but emailed me changing their mind.

Why does everything have to be so impossible?

Sorry to hear you are still up against, Butterfly.


I would use Covid as an excuse to do this by email.
If you are being messed around you need a clear “paper trail”.
Explain what you want changing, and ask her what she wants changing?
Has she given you a copy of the current plan?
A formal document explaining what the plan is, what to think about before the meeting, etc.?

They want to control the narrative, always have.

Below is the email I received, which I passed on to my Mum’s MP for help to delay as my Mum has instructed me wanting an Independent Social Worker involved to carry out the necessary Assessments; as well as the Customer Contact Centre, who have responded saying they’re passing it on to the Operations Manager - like they’d help, never have done:

Hi …

Hope you are well? I have been made aware that there are a few concerns you have raised in relation to the care and support your mum receives. Therefore, as an authority we have a duty of care under the Care Act 2014 to review the care and support.

The purpose of our review is to reflect on what is working/not working in terms of the care, ensure the plan is up to date, identify what may need to change and ensure the plan is relevant to the person’s care and support needs. I know from your last e-mail you stated your mum wished to appoint an independent social worker. As a local authority who is funding the care and support we need to remain involved, alongside an independent social worker.

Therefore, I would be grateful if you could provide me with your availability to enable a joint review to be completed.

Maniacs and control frieks the lot of them.