Forced to change carers by social services

My mother was forced to change to cheaper carers by Social Services after a recent hospital stay. She now has to be seen 4 times daily by 2 carers according to SS. This is more than before so SS has switched her to a cheaper care provider. As you can imagine the service is much worse. My mother was better off just being seen 3 times daily by 1 carer than she is now. SS refuses to budge. What should we do? Thanks for any advice.

Write an email. Really short and to the point, ask why mum could not keep the previous carers? Once they have explained, in writing, you have the evidence you need to take it further. When was mum discharged? Did she have an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment? Do you have Power of Attorney?

Hi, thanks for your reply. She did have an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment and they specified 2 carers 4 visits daily. This would increase costs considerably which is why SS has switched providers. I will contact them in writing but how do we persuade them that we were better off with our previous carers even though they came less frequently?

Were you involved in the CHC Assessment?
Did they say she wasn’t eligible? If she was, all care should be entirely free.
When was mum discharged?
The answers to my questions are really important.
It has to be one step at a time.
Has mum had a formal financial assessment from SSD?
I know how upsetting all this is, my mum was in and out of hospital a lot towards the end of her life.

It’s actually the local council that pays for and arranges her care. During her recent hospital stay the Occupational Therapists decided that she needed 4 visits daily from 2 carers. The Council decided that she needed to switch home care providers. It’s entirely their decision.

I’m sorry, I can’t help you unless you answer my questions accurately.
I reclaimed £8,000 off Hampshire because they didn’t follow correct procedures after mum was discharged.
It’s NOT “entirely their decision” actually.

  1. WHEN was mum discharged?
  2. Did she have the first 6 weeks of care after discharge provided?
  3. If she had a CHC assessment, were you involved in the assessment?
  4. Do you, or mum, have a copy of the assessment?
  5. Has mum had a formal financial assessment from the councll?