Help! Care Agency nightmare

I have had to phone my Mum’s Care Agency about urgent + serious issues, where I am very stressed on the phone. I am having to abide by the rules set down by them to only email the local authority’s Commissioning Team, who aren’t any help. I am now accused by the the Care Agency Manager of being ‘aggressive’, when I am extremely stressed when discussing things that have been repeatedly ignored. Like they don’t care and are far more eager to vilify my rather than carry out their duties responsibly and professionally. Ie letting porridge drain in the sink; this the Care Agency Manager denied the Carers are doing, even when I have emailed what happened yesterday. Where my Mum’s neighbour alerted me to how full the kitchen drain was outside.

I tried requesting a Review of my Mum’s Care Plan with the Care Agency, but the Care Agency Manager has contacted the Duty Social Worker for a meeting for a Review at my Mum’s house - they only respect each other, in their determined focus dismissing and over-ruling my involvement when my Mum wants me involved. It is heartbreaking, as it is all impacting my Mum’s health.

I have put a referal for a Personal Budget for an independent Care Agency for my Mum which can work with me. But the costs may be a problems, as the current Care Agency are below the Local Authority’s limit and as my Mum’s self-funding (CHC still ongoing problem; otherwise wouldn’t be so much of a problem). I have tried phoning around if there are Care Agencies that can take my Mum’s Care Package, but can not find one. The Advocacy Services say they don’t deal with this side of things.

Normally I’d suggest you and mum both ask for advocates, they both sound very much like they come from Hampshire County Council, who ignore me!

Our local authority have a Carers Charter, I’m at a loss to how or if it’s taken seriously, as the Care Agency couldn’t care less and are more focused on ignoring me to suit themselves. Like all that matters is ‘professionals’ all stick together.

I am in touch with a local Advocacy Service. I had a very long conversation with their Duty Advocate yesterday. They sure know how to create confusion; on the one hand they claim to promote Human Rights and our voices. On the other hand, I was informed that they ‘can not change decisions made’…so what’s their purpose?

Every time I read posts like these I realise how lucky we have been to find the Care Agency that we use for my wife. I phoned at least half a dozen before I found one that would even consider taking on my wife, (nothing special about her needs, just too busy already), they phoned me back after a few days and said that they would come and make an assessment.

With nothing else on offer we went with them, and I’m so glad that we did.

Their carers have all been good, bar one, who we asked to not have again and we’ve not seen her since.

They communicate well when necessary and all of the carers that come have been competent, friendly and willing to listen and adapt to any of our quirks or suggestions.

If you’re in the area that they cover, I recommend that you give them a try, although I can only personally vouch for the New Milton branch.