Expenses to Visit Nursing Home

Hi does anybody know if there is any help available for the travel and accommodation expenses I need to pay to visit my elderly mother who is in a nursing home in Kent while I am in Manchester. I am trying to get my mum moved to Manchester but in the meantime really need help with the trips I make fortnightly. Does anybody have any knowledge or experience of this?

Thanks in advance


Hi Liz,

That is quite a journey you are having to make. I am sure someone on the Forum has been in the same position.

You might also find it helpful to contact the Carers UK Helpline at advice@carersuk.org to ask about what support you may be entitled to.

Good luck

sorry Karen, but I have never heard of any help with travelling expenses.

It comes to something doesn’t it though when, if you are a criminal and sent to prison, your family can claim travel expenses! :scream:

Maybe part of a Carers Assessment?

Would I be eligible for such an assessment. It is a big question I know but what constitutes a carer?

I visit mum fortnightly, I manage her finances, I spend a lot of time liaising with the local authority and the nursing home but I am not a full-time carer and she doesn’t live with me.

On the other hand, I do see myself as a carer in the sense of being the only family member being involves in her care and constantly having to intervene with the care home who are not able to take care of all her needs (it isn’t entirely their fault but it is about a trusting and close relationship that my mum will only tell me certain things and the care home only covers what I call basic care - cleaning, feeding, safety - not the aspects that relate to overall wellbeing - having access to her glasses, getting appropriate health checks etc.

Does anyone have any insight on this issue?


If caring for someone else is having a significant effect on your own life, you are a carer.
How many miles do you do? How many hours do you spend liasing etc. etc.? Then worrying?!

Thanks BowlingBun. Is this generally accepted? If so, how do I get a carer’s assessment and by whom given that mum is in Kent and I am in Manchester?


Hi Elizabeth,

There is information here Carer's assessment | Carers UK.

You will be entitled to an assessment regardless of the amount or type of care you provide, your financial means or your level of need for support. You don’t necessarily have to live with the person you are looking after or be caring full-time to have an assessment. You may be juggling work and care and this is having a big impact on your life.


Thanks Melly I will look into this :slight_smile:

I forgot to say earlier that the care at the home sounds very minimal. Have you read the CQC reports for the home?

Yes, even before she arrived there I read those. It is ‘requires improvement’ in responsiveness and leadership. I have had ongoing concerns since mum arrived there but they are making improvements but not enough for me.