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Hi my name is Mark and I am my wife’s main carer as she has various health conditions that leave her unable to work. I am working alot to try and cover the bills but am struggling with caring for my wife and the demands of work and looking after are children aswell. I have recently found out that my employer is a registered to have a carers policy and would like to ask where I stand in respect of hours and availability. Thank you Mark

You are “disabled by association” and your employer must treat you as if you yourself are disabled, and make reasonable adjustments for you.
Is your wife claiming PIP?
If so, then if you gave up work to care for her, and claimed Carers Allowance DWP would not require you to “look for work”.
Or if you could reduce your hours, you could claim CA whilst working.
If you tell us a bit more about your wife’s disability, we might be able to make a few helpful suggestions.