Caring for someone that works part time

I need some advice please.
Can I claim carers allowance for someone that works part time.
My husband has been diagnosed with end stage renal failure in March, he used to work full time but has been poorly since. He has just been awarded PIP high rate in daily care and mobility.
He wants to go back to work but only on the days he’s feeling ok and when he doesn’t have dialysis.his boss has made appropriate arrangements for him so he doesn’t have to do much work than he normally would do.
My question is can I still be considered a carer and claim carers allowance for him if he still works?
Thank you

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Hi @JadeB66

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As your husband is claiming PIP, you can claim carers allowance. He must still needs a lot of care and support. They must think highly of him at work - what a lovely boss.

Thank you for replying @Melly1 :blush:
I was worried when I apply for carers allowance they will say because he works he doesn’t need care?
His boss is amazing, he lets him phone in sick when ever he needs too