Should I help care for my grandma

Hi all, looking for some advice.

My grandma is very sick and she does not have long left. Currently she has a night sitter, her two regular carers who come in and out all day and help with meds, bathing etc and my mum has been spending the days with her as she can no longer be alone. We don’t want to employ 24hour care as she would lose the carers she knows and loves and would be very confused with someone new.

I live three hours away and want to go home to give my mum some light relief but not sure if it’s the right decision. My grandma lives in an apartment building for old people. Do I need to isolate for seven days before I visit? I haven’t shown any symptoms but want to take all the precautions necessary.


Grandma is entitled to FAST TRACK NHS Continuing Healthcare, ask her GP to arrange this and it can be provided in 48 hours, so she can have all the help she needs in 48 hours, either at home or in a nursing home. If you have carers already, it can pay for them through a direct payment scheme. Does mum have nursing experience?

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I appreciate you wanting to keep your Grandma safe at this time and also support your Mum with her caring, have a look through our Covid guidance for the latest information and advice:

There is further information about what your Grandma might be entitled to on our support pages which might be of interest:

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