So my name is Manuela i’m now 18 and in my final year of college studying music. I’m still dyslexic as well as autistic. I’m still a mental health carer but sadly thats where the similar things stop.

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Would you like to tell us more about your caring role?
Is there something we can help you with?

Hi Manuella

Don’t let your dyslexia and autism define you, enjoy your music course, work hard and do well.

Wow music school - that is so cool and great fun.

It will be harder work for you than for others but keep going. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t understand or seek help if you are struggling - this matters a lot to you and you don’t want to be failing and taken off the course because you were too shy, embarrassed or proud to ask.

I hope you are in contact with a dyslexia officer at the college learning centre or whatever they call it and they have explained how things wok.

When I did my a degree about 5 years ago there were note takers for severely dyslexic students and a regular private meeting with someone to ensure you were organised and on track with your coursework and had good study skills etc.

This was pre covid, I don’t know how funding is now for such things.

You should be booked for an assessment with the DLA for your learning needs and you should have things like a few weeks longer on book loans from the library and an extension for coursework hand in dates usually about a week, a laptop which you pay £xx towards and software installed to help you.

Yeah heya.