I'm new here... hello!

hi everyone, my name’s Sarah and I care for an older sibling with Autism and Tourette’s.
I’ve been suffering from isolation and depression for a while now but I hoped I might ‘meet’ some like-minded people on here.
Other facts: I’m in my early twenties and I’m studying with the OU.
Any advice for this getting the most out of this website…? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum.

My son has severe learning difficulties, now 41, in Supported Living.

It is time for your brother to have long term arrangements made, so you can get out and enjoy your young life. Where are your parents???

Hi Sarah and welcome,

I care for S he has autism and Tourettes too. Sometimes his tics are barely noticeable but at other times they drive us both crazy!! Before the pandemic he went to his college day service, attended an autism club once a week and went with me as his 1 to 1 support to Special Olympics at weekends, plus had another evening out a week at a mainstream youth club/went to a Bistro (alternate weeks.)

What are you studying? Do you have a plan for after you complete your course?

How old is your older sibling? Did they go out to activities before the pandemic?