My name is Terri
I’m a Carer for my husband John who has Parkinson’s for the last 10 years and has slowed got worse.
Walking is he’s main problem so makes life doing things hard
I don’t have help my family try but have busy jobs and there own family
Some days l find it hard to cope
My husband gets depressed he used to be so active with sports now can’t do any

Sorry to go on and on

Hello & welcome Terri

It’s better not to rely on family and friends and independent help. It’s better for the person needing the care. As the relationship dynamics can change between family and friends. Have you had a needs assessment and a carers assessment.



and if you haven’t joined a carers group which you would benefit from


Hi Terri,
welcome to the forum.

Sounds like life is tough for the both of you.

Does your husband have any care/support from care workers? To give you a break and him some independence?

If you weren’t caring what would you like to be doing?

The lady who helps out with S, also supports a gentleman with Parkinson’s. She helps him with his meds and also takes him out and about. They use a taxi (she doesn’t drive) and as long as they time it right with the meds, his tremors are controlled enough to make it manageable.

My Nordic walking teacher/leader holds walks for those with Parkinson’s. Not sure if this would be suitable, but its good for posture, gait and cardio.
Might be worth investigating.


Welcome to the forum.

I used to be very fit myself, until I was nearly killed in a car accident, and life changed forever, so I can sympathise with your husband. However, it’s not your fault either. You need some regular time off for caring to look after your own physical and mental health too.

Welcome, Terri. Do get in touch and ask away. PM me by all means…


Hi Terri

Have you searched for a Parkinsons forum? that could be a help for you as well as here.