How do you find the right carer?

I’m not at the stage where I need to yet, but how do you find the right person/people? There are a few groups near to mum but how can you tell it’s the right one?!

I assume a paid carer worker ?

If so , employing direct or through an agency ?

Thereafter , very much a case of trial and error ?

Thereafter , very much a case of trial and error ?

So fingers crossed and hope they are okay :flushed:

Do your research, check CQC ratings, reviews etc.

But from my experience, the management of a carers agency is crucial, I’ve had experience of brilliant carers who work their socks off, but are let down by the management side, ridiculous rotas, too many hours etc.

So my simple advice would be, to initially contact the management of any agency you are interested in, tell them your needs and try to suss out the truth from the jargon. Ask outright questions like, can they come at these hours, will they stick to the times promised within reason, how many different carers will you get.

New guidance thread will be of immediate assistance here :

When will Chris from the Gulag (Don’t feed after dark)?? What happens Chris???

Realise, that real life experience is worth 100 of of his website links.

I’m tired, but this is my alone time, because come 7 I have to be up, coffee and toast for Mum, let the carers in. I’m surviving on six hours sleep and I’m struggling…