Hello! Newbie here advice appreciated

I work as a home carer so have a good understanding of how care is given etc but I visit elderly people in their own homes and am struggling t find out the answer to my query
My Dad is in long term residential care (self funded and I have power of attorney for finance and health) and has been for 2 1/2 years following a stroke. We have recently sold his house (his decision) and the care home obviously are aware of this. I live in London and Dad is in Somerset so between my Sister and I we visit on a weekly basis and all other contact is by phone.
He currently has a normal divan bed (provided by the care home) when my Sister visited yesterday she was told that he needed a new bed (hospital type profiling bed) - The reason given is that he is struggling to sleep and needs propping up as he is also having problems breathing/swallowing. I have today spoken to social services (who have had no contact with him for at least 18 months) and was advised that the district nurse would have to do a needs assessement.
As far as my Sister advises me is that they are expecting us to buy this bed for him - now as its a “need” should they be providing the bed? He is completely wheelchair bound so its not as if we can take him anywhere for a “fitting”

I dont particularly like the care home but it was his decision to stay in Somerset and he is happy there - I dont want to bow down to there ever increasing demands so hope that someone can give some impartial advice.

Thank you

Hi janice … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type.

Try as I may , no definitive answer from an Internet search … one of a more simple questions that is overlooked in many
of the sites out there providing guidance on the nuts and bolts of care home fees when one is self funded.

Needs assessment would also include a financial assessment … at face value , no help there ?

I would bounce the question of AGE UK … the experts in this field :


Another case of the simplier the question is , the harder it is to answer it ?
( I have assumed the CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare is not part of the equation here, )

Hi Janice
That’s an interesting one, my Dad was s elf funding and was provided with a profiling bed at home by the OT and provided by the NHS supplier free of charge. I think sometimes the nursing element can be funded even for self funders in care homes so they only pay for the social care side. I would think this bed is need for nursing rather than social care but I suppose it could be argues either way. Have you applied for CHC funding I think they also can fund the nursiong element only sometimes? It seems an unusual care home not to have these beds available? Does it provide nursing care or just residential care? Sadly you may need to consider a move to a different care home- sure a good case for getting the nursing element paid for if it is essential now.

Mmmm … best to add that link to CHC at this stage :

And , CHC’s poor relation … NHS Nursing Funded Care … main thread / colour coded … follow the colour :


The answer appears to be it’s either the home’s responsibility under the Care Quality Commission Regulations, or the NHS. Definitely NOT dad!

Thankyou. Will definitely speak to age uk and follow up on his CHC claim

Your welcome.

The Care Quality Commission require homes to provide equipment, and as they are the people who regulate (and can close homes down!), the home will take more notice of their requirements.
If you Google “Nursing Homes Equipment” you should find all the details that I found. (Son with LD home, not time to do link today).

just to say it was the district nurses who authorised my daughters hospital type profiling bed through the NHS.
No way should your dad pay for it.

My mum is in a nursing home and has been issued with a special profiling bed because of her needs. Severe osteoporosis. Vertebrae gone at nearly every level. Skin over spine very thin and now broken and sore.

Please also ask for a Continuing Health Care assessnent. The home should be able to point you in the right direction as to who carries out such an assessment and DON’T let them tell you he isn’t poorly enough or that he won’t qualify. He needs to be assessed by your local NHS CONTINUING HEALTH CARE TEAM.

P.S. sorry should have added that mum did not have to pay for the bed and you shouldn’t have to as well.

Equipment should be provided, free of charge via NRS, an arm of the NHS. It doesn’t matter if someone is self funding or not