Hello, New carer here x

Just put my claim in, just one question, in the past, when min wage goes up, do they adjust how much a carer can earn per week?
As I have just negotiated hours at work to be under the £123 allowance… they I hear on news NMW going up by quite a bit…

Hi Christine.

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Weekly earnings limit and Carers Allowance.

All you need to know … and a lot more … thread updated only a few days ago :


… and no , adjustments are not automatic for carers.

( As it stands , ALL carers claiming CA and working would need to cut their hours to stay within the limit … no move on said limit … yet. )

CUK has to go through the annual " Ritual " of reminding the DWP AFTER any rise in the minimum wage is announced.

( I wonder if CUK didn’t bother one year … perhaps the DWP like to hear from them … at least once a year ? )

Be all hands to the calculators if CA were increased beyond what we estimate it to be come 6 April 2010 ???