Earned income

Hello everyone
I care for my daughter and claim carers allowance
I work two part time jobs, recently my second job my hourly wage went up due t minimum wage increase and I hadn’t realised.
First one i earn £40 week
Second one I work 10 hours @ £8.21= £82.10
Combined income a week is £122.10 so 90p under what I can earn
My problem is I’m paid on every 28th of the month so my wage slips showed this month I worked 44 hours … which I did over the 22 days workable from 28th-March - 27th April
Will carers take that in to consideration that it was a longer working period? :dry:

Hi Amanda … a VERY topical problem … 2 similar posts over the past week.



It seems that certain units within the DWP are " Having problems " averaging out income whenever 5 weeks worth
are involved in one month.

My recommendation is to contact them and explain the position … and see what their reaction is to " Averaging out. "

( Averaging out … 4 + 4 + 5 =13 … divide by 3 to produce the average amount per month ? )

Let us know what transpires … it will certailnly help others with the same problem.