Weekly earnings threshold 2020/21

Does anyone know if the £123 a week limit is going to increase this april ?

Yes, to £67.25 per week

see here: Carer's Allowance | Carers UK

If you follow Susie’s link, you will see the amount you are allowed to earn is £128.

It seems to say £123, unless I am reading it wrong, could you highlight the part where 128 is mentioned. Many thanks

I looked at it earlier for you. And couldn’t see it. On a web page search it shows on the description. But when following the link can’t identify it.

This is where I miss Chris from the Gulag so much! I won’t do links.

Scroll down a long way, to the paragraph saying “You don’t earn over £123 a week after deductions”.

In that paragraph it gives the new rate from April.

Can you copy and paste?

You don’t earn over £123 a week (after deductions)

If you are in paid work (including self-employment) you cannot get Carer’s Allowance if you earn more than £123 a week (after deductions).

Note: This means that if you are working 16 hours at minimum wage and are eligible for the national living wage, you will be over the earnings limit. You will need to see if you can apply any of the deductions outlined below which would mean your earnings for Carer’s Allowance purposes would be treated as being £123 a week or less. > The earnings limit for Carer’s Allowance will be £128 per week from 6 April (rather than £123 - 2019/20).

Thank you I did look again but still was unable to find it.

Maybe the presentation of this needs to be reviewed, to make the amount much clearer? Perhaps a separate column for the amounts so that it stands out much better?

I have found it, many thanks everyone. Was worried as if it wasn’t increasing I would have been over the weekly limit by 6p in April.

that page will be updated when the new financial year starts