Hello fellow carers

Hi everyone.

I’m a full time working, caring for my 81 year old mum who has been living with me since the summer of 2019 as she could no longer care for herself due to ill health.

Over this time we have battled with the NHS and Adult Services to get help and support for my mum and my partner and I as full time carers and workers.

This year in June, mum had to undergo a 2 phase revision of the knee due to an eColi infection in her left replacement knee, after 12 months of IV and Oral antibiotics they had no choice following a visit to A&E but to remove her left knee to treat the infection.

The process is 2 operations over a period of 12 weeks if all goes well with the infection, which it has done, however due to Covid and lack of ITU beds my mum is still knee less.

This has placed care needs on us above what we can offer, and although initially we had support form Adult Service, she has been deemed self funding, everything we have done has pretty much been self funded, she has fallen between the gap of the NHS framework and the Care act and although a medical procedure currently not completed has put her in this situation we can get no further care help for her, well we can and we are but self funding it.

We’ve tried the GP, the NHS, complaints to CCG, and County Council, and at the point of giving up now, so thought I’d join this great site to share and help if I can.
I feel proud that all of us in looking after someone is saving 530M to UKPLC, but it takes a toll doesn’t it especially where we are in employment and caring.
Thanks fo reading.

Hello, Shirazali. You certainly have run into a problem with Mum’s treatment incomplete and stalled, owing to COVID-19. It seems that you have followed up virtually all the lines of enquiry that we would recommend. I would suggest, as your next step, go to the home page of this web site, and under “Help and advice”, select “Contact us.” This will give you to option to e-mail or phone someone on the support team.

May I then suggest you start a fresh thread, with a new, eye-catching title which better summarises your problem? This will have a better chance of eliciting responses from other Forum contributors, some of whom may have ideas to help you in your special circumstances. “Hello fellow carers” does not really tell us anything, or indicate that you seek help.