Hello everyone,

I have just joined Carers UK because my profoundly deaf older brother has been diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer and so I go to all his hospital and doctor appointments with him to write down what the specialists say (not good for the carple Tunnel Syndrome). This is fine with me but my brother is now very isolated since his wife died two years ago and he wants to spend time with me to go for lunch or for a drink which would be nice but as I am 64, I still have to work for another 2 years before I can retire have more spare time.

This is where the problem for me lies, he cannot use a landline, or mobile telephone or a computer so if he wants to see me, he just turns up on my doorstep, last week, he waited outside my house for an hour before I saw him and I am starting to feel beleaguered because I also have health issues and currently visit two hospitals, one of which is 2 hours away by car.

I know its difficult for him to make new friends or join in a game of walking football because he just cannot hear a thing. One reason for joining is I hope to find out about any appropriate assistive technology which he could use to contact me and his other siblings who live a very long distance away, as well as being able to join inthe odd game of snooker.

Now I have got it all off my chest, so apologies for this but if anyone is in the same boat, please do get in touch.
Best wishes to everyone

Hi Siobhan,

Welcome to the forum.

Whilst this doesn’t directly answer your question; it might be of use - this is a link re befriending services for the deaf Information and support - RNID

They also have information about communication technology Technology and assistive devices - RNID

Is your brother unable to use text to communicate because he can read but not write/type or because he is daunted by the tech side of it?

BT offer this service for the deaf: https://www.relayuk.bt.com/

The hospital should be arranging communication support for your brother for appointments. Does he use BSL?


Hello Siobhan

I also wanted to let you know we have a dedicated technology and equipment page on our forum which you might find useful, here is the link

I’m not sure if you’re aware we are also running a series of online weekly meet ups for carers to get together and chat informally. It’s a chance to a little bit of time for yourself and chat to other carers. I’ve attached the joining details for you :

Alongside that we are also running a series of fun online sessions, to date we’ve had visiting speakers who’ve shared tips and skills on a range of topics, we’ve run yoga sessions and other interesting activities. Please have a look and see if one of the sessions grabs your attention.

with best wishes