I'm at my breaking point

I’m a full time carer for my son who has autism, gdd and severe gastric reflux. My partner also has a lot of health problems and is now unable to work, he takes very strong medication for nerve pain from a back injury he had. I’m so tired by taking care of my son, and worrying about my partner all the time, because of his medication he is zoned out a lot. He trys to help but I feel like I’m basically on my own, and now it’s affecting my health. Iv started to forget appointments and other thing, that’s not like me at all. I don’t know what to do.

Stop trying to be Superwoman, start yelling HELP!

How old is your son?
What support do you have from Social Services?
What would you like to happen most now?

I would make immediate contact with social services & your GP if you haven’t done so already. SS should be able to offer a Needs Assessment for your husband and for you as a carer (not sure about when it comes to children). It might be a long wait but it might help to know that there should be assistance on the way. Your GP should be able to document your own health concerns to back up the assessment when it takes place. The sooner you make contact with them both, the sooner you can hopefully get some assistance. You can’t pour from an empty cup and you need to be clear about what you want / need ready for the assessment. What is it that would help you cope? xx

If you tell us how old your son is, we can make some age appropriate comments. My own son was brain damaged at birth, can’t read write or do any maths at the age of 42. There are others here in similar situations who really understand.