My Mother in Law has recently been diagnosed with probable Vascular Dementia, and she has started to whisper in normal conversation…and at other times she speaks normally…that quiet I cant hear what she is saying…is this a common thing with Dementia?

We are new to all this and finding it very difficult.

Hmm, I haven’t come across this one as far as I know? Are you involved with an Admiral Nurse at all? You could ask her? Or on the Alzheimer’s site? (it’s not just for Alz. but for all dementia so read here).

Your MIL is gradually ‘losing touch’ with the ‘real world out here’ so I guess she is unable to tell what behaviour is appropriate or suitable for particular circumstances.

Lynn, sorry I can’t answer your question. However, I’m just writing to check that you know MIL is now exempt from Council Tax, on the grounds of “sever mental impairment”. It’s easy to claim, and can be backdated to the day of diagnosis.

My husband is in a nursing home because of strokes and vascular dementia. I’ve noticed, with some residents, that they suddenly start whispering. Occasionally hubby will speak very quietly. Not sure they realise they are whispering. Tiredness, or maybe a past memory. Could be lots. But it does happen