Constant interrupting


My mother has been bad about interrupting for a few years which I’ve chalked up to her refusal to wear her hearing aides/not hearing that someone else is talking. But now that she has gotten this diagnosis a few months ago, I’m wondering of some of her behaviors that I’ve been assuming are from other factors are actually from the dementia?

So my newbie question is if there is any correlation between dementia/Alzheimers and interrupting all the time? Or am I probably right that’s just due to her hearing loss?

I’ve been really annoyed because there is a fix, wear the hearing aides, but maybe that is not actually a solution in this case.

Hi Baby_2204.

My Mum has dementia and severe hearing loss: she’s only had hearing aids for the last few years and hasn’t been able to adjust to them, probably because of the dementia. kept losing them, too, which didn’t help.

She never really interrupted anyone, though, except when she couldn’t hear. Now she interrupts a lot more, usually to change a subject because she can’t follow the one we’re on but can’t admit it.

That’s just my Mum - it’s no guarantee that yours is doing the same. They probably won’t be able to answer, but perhaps it’s worth talking to her doctor about it?