Having to go to appointments at Job centre


My wife is currently suicidal, having been abused as a child, she is now suffering from Post Natal Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have always been the one who has worked, but due to her health I have had to stop and become her carer (and our 2 girls). She is currently under the local mental health hospital, who have stated that she is not to be left unsupervised for more than about 40 minutes at a time, that her medication is controlled by me and all sharp objects in the house are hidden.

Yet we have had a call yesterday, saying that she will have to attend weekly appointments at the job centre to see if she is able to work! Its stupid and illogical, but is this common practice for DWP?

Can I kick off, as getting her to the intial appointment when signing up for UC was bad enough, don’t think I can manage it weekly.

Hi Simon, I think the DWP can not expect you to attend given these circumstances but who knows in todays climate. I would recomend explaining to them exactly as you have done here that you are simply unable to get away given your wife’s health issues adn your responsibility to your children. Perhaps ask her mental health team for a letter to take to the DWP explaining her needs and that you are her principal carer?

Hi Simon,
I’ve been sorting UC for my caree recently but I’m not an expert on benefits. However, it’s my understanding that if your wife has a “fit note,” to say she isn’t fit for work, once that is on THE (most inflexible,) system then she shouldn’t need to go in again until the fit note runs out.


She has a sick note that they have verified and is on the system till end of may. Its why I am so confused!!!

Will call them on monday.