Have Social Services changed? share your story?

Was talking to a lady this afternoon about how well her mum was looked after by social services, they are lovely they have done everything to help.

Didn’t hardly do anything to help my friend who died last year, didn’t get any extra support, could barely play a dvd.
he was basically housebound, asked about shopping, was told he could do it on the internet.
All the social worker seemed to do was cut services, we don’t do this, we don’t do that.

The paid carers just didn’t turn up at the right time, or didn’t turn up at all, left relying on friends and neighbours to help, there simply was no emergency care and no night care.
I don’t blame the carers, they were nice people, but just so short staffed and having to dash place to place, no time to give good service.
And i the unpaid carer, didn’t get any recognition, breaks, help, support as a unpaid carer.

So have Social Services got better? are they providing more services? I don’t think so.
Just seems round here the disabled are just left with no help the criteria has been raised so you have to be very disabled to get any help whatsoever.

I am trying to help one of my carees move into her own place, she just doesn’t qualify for anything, too young, not disabled enough. I am in North Yorkshire.

Please share your story?

As I understand it…there has to be two eligible needs to qualify for support…

I.e. help with meals
Social isolation

Then there is the financial assessment.

Is she on UC…if so I am sure she would qualify for the rent at the capped rate

Is she on PIP?

How old is she?

Is she on the housing list

What does she need help with

I have found most social workers pretty good. Still have to push them to do things though!

They have a whole list of clients and it is he who shouts loudest!

Is there a shortage if agencies where you are. It seems pretty poor show if carers didn’t turn up. I know of someone near me that has had carers three times a day through lockdown no problem.

If this lady gets a good social worker it would surely take the pressure off you.

My caree is in her forties lives with mum, she has fits so cannot really do meals, sharp knives and hot ovens don’t go with fits well.
She is scared of going out on her own because of the fits and mental health issues.

She gets full PIP care and mobility.

Social services have said basically no help, they have upped the criteria for help, only severe and critical get help.

Doesn’t have social worker or care co-ordinator or anything, no one to fight for her apart from mum and me.

She just doesn’t want to live with mum, wants her own place, independence, freedom but needs the right help and support.

She has found a flat, can get help with the rent but just needs a bit of support, help with meals, help with just general things and help going out but social services don’t provide help outside the house.
Social services just don’t do proper meals, not enough time just do microwave meals, my caree loves cooking, but needs help.

There are lots of agencies, but a lot of elderly people in my town and a shortage of care staff, often my friends carers didn’t turn up. i had to run around and help.

You have to be very disabled to get help and the social workers just don’t do much, the care is restricted, 3 visits a day, no emergency care and no night care.

Not very good basically.