Had a rare day off & was at a loss at what to do

Had a rare day off today & was at a loss at what to do :no_mouth:

Am so geared into a routine have become sort of frozen into that


Hi Hello_there, that’s understandable. Maybe prepare for the next rare day off in advance. Then when the chance arises, you will have a plan to follow.

What did you like doing before you were a carer? Or what would like to be doing if you were no longer caring?

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I work in the ambulance section. Mostly on organ transplant stuff. Most times I get to go anywhere are involved with this. I don’t really socialise.

If I do it’s in some tragic situation

It took me years to realise that wandering round doing nothing was good for me, allowing the brain a day off. Step off the treadmill.



I know what you mean - what the heck do we do if we get ‘time’? I am lucky as my dog is my saviour. I HAVE to walk him twice a day so it gets me out first thing in the morning - in fact in the next 15 minutes - and I get an hour walking around, sometime meeting people I know in the village, other times lost in listening to an audio book as I enjoy the walk and countryside. We used to go to a local arboretum which was lovely all year round.

If you have a local dogs home they often welcome volunteer dog walkers, although you’d need to register with them in advance. It’s a chance to get a ‘walk with a purpose’ and also means you would meet others. The great thing about dogs is they will give unconditional love and just being taken for a walk gives them joy which rubs off on someone walking with them. It also means that if you like dogs you can enjoy them without all the ties and responsibility!!!

I was trying to get to the gym regularly but that stopped sue to me having some health issues. It gave me a REASON to go out and I could fit that in around when G could be safely left. I have got out of the habit which is not a good thing.

As @bowlingbun says - you don’t HAVE to do anything - just wandering is a good way to de-stress particularly as you will often be in tragic situations in your work.

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I always keep my camera bag packed with camera, spare battery, charger packs, cash and a couple of snack bars in case I get the chance for a break. I don’t have to use the camera, just the walking feels good - but you never know…there’s always the chance I’ll spot something…

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Have to echo Chris. Animals are very relaxing and volunteering at a local Rescue Centre would be very rewarding.
If you like reading, why not treat yourself to Coffee and Cakes if you have a local Coffee Shop. You can read your book if you feel uncomfortable sitting alone. Do you have any Community Cafe’s? The staff are often very friendly as they are volunteers and you may feel comfortable going in alone. Have a look at what is available locally - our Community Cafe has a mens breakfast on a Thusday.

On the matter of Rescue Centres - there are some who look for volunteers to just sit with their animals - so if walking isnt a good option having company of an animal can be good ‘therapy’.

Yes my local rescue has ‘Kitten handlers’ basically people who go in and play wit the kittens as the socialisation period is between 2-7 weeks. I would imagine the kittens would be around 6 weeks. I would LOVE to do this but have no transport and tbh would probably end up taking the kittens home. But seriously the Rescue Centres are crying out for helpers and I am sure if you approached them they would be happy to have you on board.

I’m not sure if this is a option but try the library.

I don`t know if you like words - WordChamps is good .(bit like online Scrabble)

Thanks will give it a go

I feel exactly the same. I used to be very sociable but on occasion I do go out, I don’t seem to know how to be myself anymore.
Yes, always good to have a plan, even if it’s just going out for a coffee or a walk somewhere.


You’re not the only one in this situation as you’ve seen.

I was the same, I d have time off and found that I was literally staring at a wall and then three hours had gone by.

I ended up making small lists fo things to do and errands to run and fill my time off with that.

It got better as time progressed - I know I had my time limits so you just make sure you prepare in advance what you want to cram in. But don’t underestimate the power of nothing.
Just sitting there in the silence sometimes is all you need to help you prepare for when you have to walk through that door again and back into your caring role.


Yes. List!

That’s the answer

Rather than mope round aimlessly will make a list & aspire to complete said list

Thanks :+1: for the advice


Just don’t make the list too ambitious and put some easy things on it. I put have my morning coffee on mine - then can :heavy_check_mark: it off.


Good plan & good advice. Think I might do the same :wink:


I always have a slimline organiser with me, then if something pops into my head I can write it down before I forget. If I liked my mobile phone more I could probably make notes on that.


I too carry a paper notebook with view to such things

There is a day off planned for tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to update you with a day full of joyous activities & crammed social interactions :wink:


Most of all I want to hear that you felt calm and relaxed.