Grayson Perry Art Club and a carer

In Friday’s Grayson Perry episode I think the last person whose art he liked was a carer. I thought it was very interesting.
Channel 4, can be seen on All4 as catch up, it is Episode 5 of this second series. It comes about 42 minutes in - the programme is 46 minutes long.
The work was called Carer-Warrior and was by Lulu Willis. I believe the figure in the art work had just beheaded a social worker, but maybe I’m wrong.
You can see her son Matthew, who has Smith-Magenis Syndrome, in the video.
I find hte art club inspiring in lockdown.

Thanks Greta,

Not the first carer to visualise beheading a social worker!!

I have taught a couple of children with Smith Magenis syndrome - both lovely girls, big personalities and complex needs.


He looks really lovely in the video, laughing and grimacing. She says he’s got a good sense of humour. I am amazed at the work you do and your time with S.