Artwork for volunteering

Hello, I care for my brother who has had bone marrow cancer since 2012. It has been an emotional journey and although things went bad again in 2018, he got better with the treatment and thankfully through last year 2019 was almost in total remission. Thanks to all the hardworking incredible NHS staff!!!
My main line of my story is I am an out of work artist and Graphic designer and was wondering if I could give some of my paintings to your charity as donations. I have done some voluntary work before for a local charity where I offered my expertise and helped them design their advertising, posters, website, printed newsletter and even made the annual Xmas grotto. I feel I am at my best volunteering with what I professionally know, and the charity I worked for reaped the benefits of good advertising and publicity. I had great fun too and look back fondly to those years. Robin G. Watercolour Moon and Tori gate

Hello Robin welcome to our Forum and thank you for your kind offer.

May I suggest that you contact Carers UK directly ?

Initially I would suggest that you contact our Volunteering team who will be able to put you in touch with the right member of the team :slight_smile: