Grants or Funding for transport

I am a live in carer for my brother who has bipolar disorder. I work 12 hours per week and receive Carer’s Allowance

We are both medically disqualified from driving and rely on public transport. We both have bus passes, which is all well and good where transport is available.

We have been looking at getting an e-trike to facilitate grocery shopping, facilitate seeing friends and similar activities, but they are out of my budget range.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to places we might be able to get some funding towards the costs?

Most grant’s are means tested.

Have a look at this web site.

A lot of charities are for people with particular health issues. You will need to go through the lists.

Local Lions club sometimes help people. That also may be a good place to start.

Look at FAQ’S page.

Hi Jonathan

Here is the response from our Information and Advice line to your question:

As we can’t provide grants for help ourselves I have some information about some other sources of help which may help in accessing funding so you are both able to get about.

One option is if your brother receives either the higher rate mobility component of DLA or the enhanced mobility rate of PIP he may like to look into the Motability Scheme and the options they have for leasing a scooter/trike using the PIP /DLA money here: although the website does currently say that they cannot take new applications to the scheme due to Covid 19 at this time, so it might be one to consider in the future and go back to check if this has changed every now and then.

Another option is that you could also see if there are any grants you could apply for to help with the cost of funding a E Trike.

The charity Turn2Us has a database of organisations that offer grants. You can access their website and search a large database of grants here . The grants tool will ask you questions about the situation and try and find a charity that could help.

Disability Grants also has details of charities and trusts which may be able to assist.

The charity Carers Trust also holds some information on grants for carers if this was appropriate: Grants & Financial Support for Unpaid Carers| Carers Trust

I hope this is helpful as a starting point.