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Im a carer for my partner who has bp problems .type 1 diabetes .had a heart attack last year.also had 2 Mini Strokes.Goes To Dialysis 3 Days A Week For Kidney Failure.And Worst Of All Just Been Registered As Blind. Is There Any Help Out There WITH Driving Lessons

Hi William and welcome to the forum.

It’s very difficult to find funding for driving lessons: it’s something that comes up regularly at my local carers centre - at least it did when I worked there. Carers centres that are affiliated to Carers Trust can sometimes access funding for driving lessons but there are specific criteria, and these may have changed since I left. And there are a lot of people chasing these grants, so there’s no guarantee.

Otherwise, I suggest you take a look at https://www.turn2us.org.uk/ - there’s a grant search function that is very useful for this sort of thing. It will tell you what grants might be available and where to get in touch.

The carers group I attend gives carers grants for driving lessons.

That’s a tough set of issues. Is your partner now claiming highest PIP?

Long ago, I started a group for families with a special needs child.
One of the group had a child with Down’s Syndrome who needed some equipment no one was willing to provide.
I did some research and found out about an charity called something like “The Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Fund”. They only funded things that no one else would. Surprisingly, they asked if I knew anyone else that needed help as they had funds available. I don’t know if driving lessons would come within their criteria, but it’s worth a try.

Another idea is to ask a social worker to approach the Lions Club or Rotary. Again, I’ve done this in the past. The SW’s application would be completely anonymous.

William are you and your partner getting everything you maybe entitled to…


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