Government to force people on the sick back to work

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Done: this is a punitive measure against the most vulnerable.

The system needs to change

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Have a friend who took early retirement from the NHS due to health issues back in 2013 and she is going through this now. Having to answer a lot of very personal questions and see a Work Coach. She has Fibromyalgia and I know from how many times she has cancelled coming to events that it is mega unpredictable. So yes, I will go and sign for her.

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A mate was awarded a Police Pension on medical grounds years ago as he had been victimised at work and an Employment Tribunal found in his favour when they tried to force him back to work after sick leave. The Tribunal SLATED the police for the way they treated him. Then four years ago they started a review of all police medical pensions. He ended up on anti-depressants and a few friends checking him daily because of the pressure they put him under. They reduced pension to 50% right from the start and then had a doctor cherry picking bits from his medical records to suit the case to make him work. One letter was from his GP when he was asked by a friend to crew a boat from Jersey to mainland and he had to have a GP note to say he was fit to crew. The letter said ‘I consider this is the perfect therapy for Mr Txxxx as he needs time to clear his mind away from the pressures he is facing. He is fit to do this work.’ That was summarised to ‘Mr Txxxx is fit to work’.
His partner was worried he was going to Top himself and would often find him still in PJs in front of the TV where she had left him went she went to work on arriving home at 6pm. He didnt move all day.
With that sort of pressure lots of people will consider it is not worth bothering with life.


How stupid and old fashioned.