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Hi, I am lorraine and new to the forum and unsure if I would be classed as a career. Back story my partner became ill nearly 6 years ago. Started with chest infection now has whole host of symptoms. No idea where they all came from. But we started doing research. My partner served in the first gulf war and after doing research and contacting a charity about the war. We found out he has all the symptoms shown in gulf war syndrome. Something the uk government refuses to recognise. We got his medical records and seen a trend in his health since he left the army. Was never Ill before joining.

Anyway we are getting no where with anything. Dr gave him a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. However we beleive this is just a go away diagnosis. We are waiting to hear from war pension but we know will not get anything

He is in constant pain, toilet problems and can not work had to surrender hgv on drs advice. His wrist just go when he is in the middle of making cup of tea or food, has dizzy spells, fallen down stairs.
Because I work full time we are not entitled to anything . So I care for him help him up and down stairs, help with dressing bathing etc . Then go to work and do the same the next

In all honesty no idea why I joined here think I just needed to write everything down. Although this is just a small part of his problems

Thanks for listening

Hi Lorraine … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type.


Because I work full time > we are not entitled to anything > . So I care for him help him up and down stairs, help with dressing bathing etc . Then go to work and do the same the next.

A family carer ?

Yep … welcome to our world , CarerLand.


Not means tested :
How much PIP you can get and for how long - Citizens Advice

What is Personal Independence Payment (PIP)? - Turn2us

Why not crunch some numbers through an Online Benefits Calculator ?

If there are any additional benefits out there , it will reveal them.
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Have you asked/begged for a needs assessment? This is done by a social worker with you prior to approving services. Make sure to request a copy of the report detailing findings and recommendations. Contact your local council to begin the process of applying. Are you aware you can claim benefits for him?

There are care homes all over Britain too.

Some helpful links and resources


Hi Chris, thank you we have applied for pip and was rejected. In the process of mandatory reconsideration. I will have a look at the links just incase.

Hi thank you for the reply, we are waiting for the occupation health coming out next week. To see what improvements are needed in the house for him. Once we get this it will be attached to pip etc

Your welcome.

PIP reassessment ?

Plenty of good info out there … just shout … loudly !

Good luck!

Once the mandatory reconsideration is done, we can go to appeal. The doctors have been terrible. We have given them so much information about Gulf war Syndrome but they just say it is all in his head. And because government do not admit it exists the NHS will not agree.

Its frustrating for us both, he has went from a fit healthy man, who could work 14 hrs a day walking the dogs. To can’t make toilet on time sometimes as struggles with stairs etc

Lorraine … some links to PIP / GULF WAR SYNDROME which I hope you find informative :

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Don’t lose track of the services offered by the British Legion :

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