Getting back to work after years of full time caring

I have been my Wife’s full time carer for around 10 years, I also used to have a business at home that I could work at whilst remaining close by. After years of this arrangement savings became depleted because the business was never able to completely cover our outgoings and benefits could not make up the shortfall. Covid wiped out the business because I relied on physical outlets such as markets and craft fairs and internet sales never took off.
We are now moving to a bungalow which will aid my Wife’s mobility problems and I have found a job that will enable me to get off benefits, earn decent money and be close enough for emergencies.
The problem I now have is that I need to buy a vehicle and some equipment for my work and I need a loan to fund these items.
I have no-one to rely on as a guarantor or in a position to lend me the funds. My credit history is poor because of debts accumulated during caring and no lenders will touch me because of that yet I am going to be earning a good wage which will easily cover what I want to borrow.
I have tried every avenue I can think of and wondered if anyone has any useful suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

I think this is a problem faced by a lot of Carers :frowning:

Have you tried Turn2Us ?

Thank you for your reply and suggestion, I will look into it.
Best wishes Carl