Getting back to normal?

And so it’s started…

…on Facebook

Everyone is seeming to be meeting up with everyone else…

Having fun…

Taking time out


Except its not for us carers.

Anyone else feeling this?

It’s like everyone else was waiting for this moment to start leading a normal life.

But not for us .

We still have the same battles…

Same struggles

Same lack of time.

I’ve forgotten how to socialise

Forgotten how to talk about anything other than caring

The world is still standing still

We live in the New Forest, I’m really worried about all the holidaymakers bringing their bugs down here, at the moment we have a very low infection rate. I’m looking forward to seeing my best friend, I’m going to stay in Devon for a week soon, in an isolated cottage, and have a cottage to stay in during July, and in October with my son. My husband’s family will hopefully come here for a BBQ in August, I’ve got the biggest garden and go karts for the younger ones to play on, we haven’t seen them for ages. Other than that, we don’t intend to mix much.