To everyone with social anxiety and low self esteem

This may not be for everyone, but it worked wonders for me, and a lot of other people. Quit fucking social media. It’s terrible. You’re out there looking at highlight reels of others, bringing yourself down, wasting your time. Also, that social energy that we all have, instead of using it to push you towards fulfilling real life conversations, you’re out there wasting it online. Make real friends.

For carers, especially those caring for someone vulnerable with high care needs, we would like nothing more than to “get out there and make real friends”.
Caring for our loved ones has to come first, this forum is a great source of information, our members come from all walks of life. I was eternally grateful to one member who immediately told me how to save a fortune in phone calls by using Skype to keep in touch with my brother as he was dying of pancreatic cancer in uruguay.

Good post and couldn’t agree more, I came off Facebook and all social media about 10 years ago, it is a highlight real of people showing the life that they want other people to see, and can be such a toxic environment too, so I’m social media free too and happier without it

Actually, I like Facebook. I’m keen on dressmaking and really enjoy the groups, seeing what others have made, so many interesting hints and tips. I belong to another group for guests of a hotel in Crete for single travellers only. We are spread across the globe, but love to keep in touch, arrange where we are going to meet in Gatwick before our flights etc. I belong to a cooking group too. I never share photos of things other than one dress I made, or what I’ve been doing.