Another quick vent

Well, things are so much better than two months ago I feel a bit indulgent having a vent now, but I’m having one of those “I want my life back” moments today.

Mum keeps talking all the time - to be fair she always did but I didn’t live with her before - when there’s no escape a loner like me just quietly goes crazy. One of the worst things at the moment is the constant running commentary when she’s having a bowel movement. I know it’s because she’s a bit self-conscious and worried about it, but it’s awful oversharing! It makes me laugh mostly, but on days like today I just wish she wouldn’t.

My garden has gone to pot, the grass is a foot long and my house needs a good tidy up and sort out. I know I need to organise respite but I haven’t got round to it. Mum’s been a bit poorly for a week but better now. When she feels physically better it’s tough for her, because she wants her life back too but she’s too frail now. She’s having a hard time accepting that. understandably.

Is mum paying her way? If you can’t mow the lawn because you are caring, mum should pay to cut the lawn.

It’s not the money - mum would pay in a heartbeat. I am living at mum’s house, around the corner from mine. Sorry for any confusion there - mum’s house and garden are clean and tidy.

Gardening is a form of respite for me - mum has a small low maintenance garden and I am nipping back to mine for an hour every so often, but my garden is bigger and I really need to spend days on it.

It will work out, I just sometimes really miss being able to do what I want when I want.

Why not take an afternoon off every week to look after you and your things?

I will do that, thank you.