Getting advice for multiple ailments

My lovely very elderly husband is struggling with multiple health problems - C.O.P.D., Prostate Cancer, a ventral hernia post bowel op last October and vascular problems that means he cant walk far.
Although health care is good around us nobody seems to look at him with joined up issues, specialist for hernia says he isnt fit for an op but should have one, Latest thing is he has discharges from ears been on antibiotics etc., and referred to E.N.T. but local hospitals have no appointments and others have waiting time of at least 200 days.
Understandably he is getting very depressed and I dont know how to help him. He s 88 I am 70 so both finding it difficult to cope.

Sorry you are dealing with so many issues. Have a look at the above web sites.

Does you husband have a Social worker.

Patients over 75 will get a named, accountable GP, says Jeremy Hunt.

The changes will mean every person aged 75 and over will be assigned a named, accountable GP to ensure patients receive co-ordinated care. GPs will also take on more responsibility for out-of-hours care, with a commitment to monitor the quality of out-of-hours services used by their patients.

Worth contacting your G.P. about this, I don’t know if this has been brought out yet?