Need an operation

I don’t know if anyone has experience of this? I have just been told by the hospital that the hernia operation I need is scheduled for a month’s time. I’m reluctant to put it off but my husband is severely disabled and needs someone with him all the time (although he doesn’t need a waking watch overnight) because he is immobile and can’t call for help or give himself a drink. He receives NHS continuing health care but the carers only come once a day in the morning to give him his shower and get him up. I manage OK to do everything else with the help of 2 respite afternoons each week.
The thing is that I will be in hospital for one night and not able to do the necessary moving and handling for a few weeks afterwards. Does anyone know how I go about getting the extra care he will need? Friends have offered to sit with him for a few hours but we will really need the professional carers to move him in the afternoon and put him to bed at night.
Many thanks to anyone who can give me some ideas.

Look for a nurse during your surgery and rehabilitation. Your health is as important as your husband’s comfort.

Janice, I’ve had major abdominal surgery, and you really must not do ANY heavy lifting.

However, as your husband has Continuing Healthcare already, go back to them asap and tell them that he needs to go into a nursing home for a few weeks, so that you have the peace and quiet you need to recover.

You know what will happen if he’s home, you won’t be able to resist doing things to help him.
Residential will give you a much needed break.

I’m appalled that having qualified for CHC, that he has so little care provided by them.
Use this as an opportunity to review what he needs, moving forward.
You don’t want to undo all the work of the surgeon.
After 6 months, apparently scar tissue is stronger than normal tissue, so you should be OK then.

Thanks Bowlingbun. I remember how helpful you can be from when I first joined the forum. The thing is, the NHS do keep offering more help but I find the stress of dealing with the care company and waiting for the carers worse than doing things myself. I am lucky to be strong and healthy and my husband is a slightly built guy (people called him wiry before he took ill) so things work well and we can organise our day as we wish and go to bed when we want to.
I have experience of care homes and it would break my heart to think of him in one while I’m comfortable at home. What I need is the reassurance that extra care will be available while I recover and that a sleepover can be arranged for the night I spend in hospital. Do you think this will be possible and who do you think I should contact about it, the local district nurses or the local commissioning group?
Many thanks for your time.

The CHC people in charge of his care. You are going to be careful not to help post op if he stays home!